the hitlist: 9/2016

Recently, I have come across a pairing of colors I once thought impossible: black and navy.

They said it can’t be done; it’s been done. They continue to rule it out; it’s my go-to. Then again, I’ve always been one to challenge the rules. The fact of the matter is, not only have I discovered its magical powers, I’ve also based a lifestyle around it. It’s like having the best of both worlds – navy, from the more preppy lifestyle I once lived in my younger days, and black, the classy yet bold color that works in every. single. situation. A color that defines the new me. (I even wrote an ode.)

I’ve always been a “jeans” girl, and back in the day, my favorite thing in the world was to combine a good ole pair with a black blouse and either riding boots or some casual heel, depending on the situation. So in a way, I’ve been doing the black and navy trend for the entirety of my life.

And the obsession is far from over.




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