ode to black

Ah, the color that cannot be tainted but retains the power to taint others. A friend and a foe. Your finesse and style never fade; you are a classic, yet somehow you make a comeback as if you were ever off the scene. I cannot begin to express my admiration of all the things that you do except through action. I own you in every aspect of my world. Your versatility throughout all seasons, events, and purposes stands out like dusk: you see it every day, but you don’t always acknowledge it.

You represent power, strength, and class. You alone can create an ensemble, set various moods, and be reborn in outfit after outfit in the myriad of ways you allow the accessories to shine. In that way, you are adaptable.

An essential you have become. Everyone can agree that you are a must-have. Yours is a shade that never dulls in popularity or life. No matter the maker, you go with the others, blending seamlessly with not one complaint. A team player.

It must be hard to be constantly dark. It’s no way to live, although you bring plenty of happiness to me. You contrast with everyone else, yet they are the ones that are noticed. They stand out at your expense, without giving credit to the very thing they should be thanking. You are generous, never boasting of your presence.

You are everything I wish to be, and yet you are commonplace.

There is true beauty in your simplicity.

Thank you for your lessons.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Once you go black – shit, you know the rest.




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