why the shoe epidemic is a good thing 

I don’t believe there is the perfect pair of shoes for any one outfit – I believe there are ten. Granted, you may not have access to all of them, whether that is through lack of funding or luck in finding them, but they are out there. Trust me, check Pinterest. They exist for the simple purpose of taking a dress from Saturday’s wedding to Sunday’s brunch. Or a pair of jeans from a day at the mall to a GNO. So I question: why are we trying to end the shoe epidemic? Why must we justify every pair of shoes to an extent that we end up making broad generalizations that are only for the unfashionable?

“I don’t need these because I already have a pair of black heels.”

But, girl, yes you do.

Quiet your mind and visualize your closet, either in its current state or in its future form. As you ponder the purchase of a brand new pair of nude shoes because this shade has much more grey than all your others, make sure that it is versatile enough to work with multiple outfits within your closet. Different occasions call for different embellishments, so don’t deny yourself of a steal when you find one – if it will serve a purpose, it is worth the splurge. These tiny pleasures are confidence boosters, a guide to completeness, and an art form. They say who you are in no words at all. They serve a subtle purpose through protection, but a much larger one as keys to your soul.

Let them into your home and nurture them just as you would a furry friend or a child and they will do what they were put on this earth to do: make you happy. You’ll be glad you did.

MORAL OF THE STORY: It’s not about the number of shoes you have, it’s about the number of pairs you can still fit in your closet.




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