the hitlist: 1/2017

This new year brings about a lot of new things for me, but none more bold than my growing love for the menswear-inspired garb made for the female body. Specifically, I like to take my cues from none other than the trendsetter and fellow Pisces herself Mrs. Olivia Palermo.

Perhaps it’s my fascination with the world of business, or this fantasy of mine that goes something like… being a well-respected female in a very female-sparse market, becoming the CEO of a very successful business, taking over the world… simple goals and such of that nature. Regardless, I grew up with a father whose idea of at-home casual still involved a pair of khakis. He is a man who not only knows style and class, but also never gives it the day off.

What makes the male wardrobe so appealing? Perhaps the beauty lies in its simplicity, as more often than not it is much more adverse than it may seem. A shirt, a pair of pants, a blazer if necessary, and most men don’t accessorize with much more than a watch. Maybe this is the key to a creative life not lived in perpetual conflict with the chaos that is fashion and its trendy spawn.

This year I want to be refined, a decision-maker, effortless. No regrets, no unnecessary struggles, just a chance to live life to its completion. Hence, the reason I’ve begun to streamline my life into a series of things that work within each other in order to achieve some sense of cohesion, even when everything goes wrong.

Basically, I’d like to call this year of 2017 the year of Minimal Me.





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