the hitlist: 2/2017

This month has been all about romantic touches, believe it or not. But what you may not have guessed is that I’m romantically involved with myself. You heard me – I love me, and sometimes me loves to give myself whatever my little heart desires. Not chocolates or roses; I deal more in fine jewelry and high-quality shoes.

In tune with my newfound attitude and devotion to self-admiration, I have begun to purge my closet as well as every other area of my life, freeing myself of the old and and replacing it with the new. I’ve felt free, adaptable to change, and most importantly – like my true self.

high-heels-juliana-1_c9c4f7b1-34ae-4670-b78a-c582a4760e6a_2048x2048.jpgIMG_5253b.jpg3569374-p-MULTIVIEW.jpgScreen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.28.00 PM.png_12205765.jpgIMG_0920.JPG    



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