the hitlist: 3/2017

Spring, I welcome you with open arms and heavy wallet. Come permanent sunshine and tropical getaways, I vow to make time to use what I have and invest in what I don’t, thinking not only of this summer but all summers thereafter. I’ve seldom felt more confident about a summer season, but as I’ve already learned, 2017 is the year of new and true.

The new warm weather staples are in, and they’re a lot more versatile than what you might have in mind. A mix of bold separates to be paired down with more blacks and whites so they can take on a mind of their own. You may think you have these pieces figured out, but I guarantee you they are not what they seem. Hint: I don’t plan on wearing them simultaneously, but I’ll let you make your own judgements about how to utilize them best.

After all, what are spring and summer but a chance to be a less-clothed version of yourself?



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