How to be an adult

I’m not going to lie – I’m not a pro. I haven’t been in the adult game long, but I’ve already learned so much through this newfound independent experience that I felt I had to share.

In this world of perfection, it’s easy to lose yourself in the little things. It’s not a fun life, but it happens. So what can you do to break the OCD of life? I hear it’s all about balance.

With a new air of compromise, I give you the new and improved ways of living:

  1. Try to workout regularly, but don’t refuse chocolate. Life is hard enough as it is and shorter than you think. Give time to the things that are good for you, and the things that are good in general.
  2. Get your work done, but procrastination is allowed to make an appearance. Work is not always fun. If you’re struggling, don’t force it. The best work is derived from a clear and creative mind.
  3. Say what you feel, but make sure others know it’s in good spirit. Being an adult comes with acting like one. No more pretending to like what your friends like because it’s easier to agree than to disagree. Stand up for what you believe in, just make sure you aren’t coming across as a hungry lion in a pack of timid gazelles.
  4. Do what you want because you can, and because no one else will. You have the power to eat only dessert for dinner or jump out of a plane for fun. Whatever your level of excitement, do it because you want to or not at all. Remember: no one else is going to do it for you.
  5. Fail, and then fail again, because apparently that’s life. It’s going to happen, and you need to get over it. Do what you need to get through it, but remember that these are the times we take for granted and quite literally “storm over.” Slow down and learn a lesson or two so Karma can’t have all the fun.
  6. Do what keeps you young, within reason. Because no matter how good you are at the Stanky Leg, it’s just not going to be cool further down the line. Personally, I like to kick back with a pup named Scooby Doo when I feel like reviving my youth.
  7. Remember your meds. Because they will only multiply as time goes on. In general, try to remember all things a bit more as you’ll most likely be the only one responsible for it.
  8. Life is not a game, it’s a personal experience. Competitive spirits aren’t bad, but comparative ones are. Take it from someone diagnosed with clinical jealousy from a young age: you’ll just end up hating yourself more, if not for the lack of something, then simply because you envy others and constantly ignore what you already have.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Always try to learn from your experiences for the sake of self-improvement.



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